Invest in The Robotic Future of Wind Turbine Blade Repair

Through technology we deliver strategic advantages to wind turbine OEMs and turbine blade service companies. Born global company, team and innovation.



Invest strategically in next-generation robotic solutions for leading edge erosion repairs. We supply wind farm owners and service companies the future technology that allows them to lead with a competitive advantage.

We are looking for strategic, commercial partners in Europe, Asia and US.

SERVICE COMPANY Looking to get ahead?
Get early access to future technology
LARGE WIND Farm looking to lead?
Market-leading technology - co-developed!
Ground-floor access to high-tech adventures

Looking for a strategic advantage that scales?

If you are actively and openly interested in partnering with a company that is about to disrupt current leading edge erosion repair technology, then we’d like to know. That’s basically it. We are both interested in advancing wind farms and service companies with our technology by offering preliminary access to prototypes, MVP and initial public series, as well as partnering with strategic investors.

We are looking to spearhead the future of wind energy efficiency and profitability with the right business partner or investor.

Joint efforts

We’re collaborators by nature

At Reblade we value collaboration and innovation. These are not merely words. Our company culture, premises and founders all embody this very sentiment. Every day.

We would love to show you in person and introduce you to our unique R&D processes behind our ground-breaking technology. Let’s take a leap together – and meet!