Wind Turbine Blade Repair Drone

Drone-based and automated wind turbine blade repair tech.
Blazingly fast.

Reblade logo - leading edge erosion repair of wind turbine blades by drone and robotics handling automated processing technology

We specialize in drone-based leading edge erosion repair technology. Our Danish R&D team develops trail-blazing tech solutions designed for both wind farm developers, service companies and OEMs looking to lead.

We make the world better. By leading edge erosion repair innovations.

Transform service costs, time and risk
New tech
Faster service at lower costs
Stay efficient and on the ground

Wind turbine blade repair drone

REBLADE is highly specialized in leading edge erosion repair technology.

We have one mission:
To deliver the future of operational access to wind turbine blades. By spearheading technological break-throughs and disruptions of wind energy O&M practices.

Operational experts and strategic technology
Our expertise is operational implementation of strategic technology for wind farm developers, OEMs and wind turbine service companies.

Market-leading technology
Inquire to learn more about how we can help you transform wind turbine blade repair costs, risks and service time. On point, blazingly fast and highly profitable.

Wind Turbine Blade Repair

Partnering with REBLADE enables you to launch market-leading technology to future-proof your service contracts, risk-mitigation and ROI on leading edge erosion repair.

We innovate to help you accelerate your growth, productivity and profitability. Through award-winning niche-expertise in drone-based and automated repairs of leading edge erosion.